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2010 IEEE RFIC Symposium
Regular Paper Instructions

Electronic Paper Submission/Communication: Technical papers must be submitted in an electronic form via the RFIC 2010 Technical Paper Summary Submission Site - Hard Copies are not accepted.

These instructions are intended to guide you through the Initial Paper Submission process, as well as the Final Paper submission process, for RFIC 2010.

These instructions apply only to RFIC 2010 authors. The 2010 International Microwave Symposium and the 2010 RFIC Symposium will be using totally different paper submission procedures and will have different submission deadlines for 2010. Additionally, the Technical Program Committees for the two symposia will not be meeting concurrently in January 2010 to perform paper evaluations and selections. Therefore, unlike past years, the symposia program committees will be unable to trade author submissions back and forth in order to ensure that all good papers are provided every opportunity to locate their proper venue. However, double submission of similar papers to both conferences is not permitted and the IMS 2010 and RFIC 2010 Technical Chairs will take all possible steps (including rejection by both conferences) to avoid double-submission.

Letter Size SetupProspective authors must electronically submit their initial summary paper in PDF by January 5, 2010. Authors must use the IEEE double-column format indicated in the MS Word Template (MSWord 2007 or MSWord2003) or pdf Template. Authors are required to convert their own papers from MS Word to PDF (or postscript). Also, there is no need to submit a copyright form to LRW Associates. Copyrights are not needed for the initial submission. Make sure that the paper summary, including figures, does not exceed 4 pages, and the file size is less than 1 MB. The US letter size (8.5 x 11") format should be used. Use Distiller and select “embed all fonts”. (For example, please see the image for page size setup.)
Sometimes authors may encounter difficulties with photographic images and the 1 Meg size limit. This usually occurs when pictures are taken using a high-resolution digital camera, and the image is embedded directly into the manuscript. Use compression on photos and figures to reduce the size, and work this out well in advance of the deadline, not the day of the submission deadline! Some helpful information is listed in the MS Word Template (MSWord 2007 or MSWord2003)
Also, please see Technical Paper Electronic Submission below.

Electronic Submission Deadlines

Hard Copies are not accepted


Technical Paper Summaries in .PDF format:

5 January 2010

Final Manuscripts for the Digest and CD-ROM:

2 March 2010

Authors of accepted papers will be required to submit a detailed paper, which includes clear photos of the IC's described, for publication in the Symposium Digest. Accepted authors will be instructed to access an IEEE conversion site in order to produce a pdf file compatible with IEEE publication standards. The conversion site accepts the most common formats of source files such as Word document or LaTeX. For other formats contact the TPC chairs in prior to the initial submission.

Paper Selection Criteria: All submissions must be in English. Papers will be selected based on the following factors:

  • Originality: The paper must be unique and significant.
  • Quantitative content: The summary should give an explicit description of the work with complete supporting data and adequate references to the existing literature.
  • Quality: Clarity of the writing and figures. What is the context of the contribution to previous work?
  • Interest to RFIC membership: Why should this work reported at this conference?

Clearances: Authors are cautioned to obtain all required company and government clearances prior to submitting a paper. A statement that such clearances have been obtained, signed by the submitting author, must accompany the final manuscript of each accepted paper.
Presentation Format:

  • Full-Length Papers report significant contributions, advancements, or applications of microwave technology in a formal presentation format with limited audience interaction.
  • Interactive Forum Papers provide an opportunity for authors to present theoretical or experimental results in greater detail, and in poster format, and/or to display hardware, perform demonstrations, and/or conduct discussions in an informal manner with interested colleagues.

Student Paper Contest: A student paper contest will be held as part of the Symposium. Student papers will be reviewed in the same manner as all other conference papers. To be considered for an award, the student must have been a full time student (9 hours/term graduate, 12 hours/term undergraduate) during the time the work was performed. The student must be the lead author of the paper and must present the paper at the Symposium. The student is required to register the paper as a student paper in the paper submission process. A memorandum will be automatically sent to the advisor to certify that the work was done by the student. Papers accepted for the competition will be judged on content. First, second, and third prizes will be awarded.

Notification: Authors will be notified of the evaluation result by 15 February, 2010. Authors of accepted papers will receive copyright release forms and instructions for publication and presentation. Due to SPAM-filters authors might not receive the notification message. Within submission account authors will find a copy of the notification message. Final Manuscripts must be received by 2 March, 2010 for publication in the RFIC Symposium Digest.

Expanded Papers:
RFIC authors will receive an invitation for expanded manuscripts to be published in the IEEE transactions.  Further details will be discussed later. 

Technical Paper Electronic Submission

Author Registration and Paper Summary Steps:
In order to have your paper considered for publication you will have to complete several steps:

  • Go to the RFIC 2010 Paper Submission System (PSS) web site, create an account (if you don't have one from previous years) and complete a Paper Registration Form.
  • Submit a summary version of your paper in Adobe Acrobat (4.0 or later) Portable Document Format (.pdf).
  • Next your paper will be reviewed by RFIC 2010 review committee. We will send the results to you by email or you can check the PSS web site any time to see the current status of your paper.

Final Manuscript Submission Guide:
Authors of accepted papers are required to submit the final version of manuscript, in IEEE Xplore compatible PDF format, at our paper submission web site (http://rficsubmission.org/) for publication in the RFIC 2010 Digest and CD-ROM. Failure to submit your final version for the Symposium Digest will result in removing your paper from the presentation at the symposium. The IEEE Copyright Form must be completed and sent to LRW Associates on or before 2 March 2010 (by FAX or Express mail/shipment). Digest Manuscripts cannot be processed without this Form. The Copyright Form and instructions may also be downloaded from the RFIC 2010 Author Information web site at: http://www.rfic2010.org/rfic2010/RFIC2010Copyright.pdf Please FAX the signed page to 704-845-3078 , or you may express mail it to:
LRW Associates, 468 Walden Trail, Waxhaw, NC 28173, USA , (Tel: 704-841-1915).
Beginning in 2004, the IEEE has mandated that all published papers comply with certain IEEE conference standards for electronic search ability. To ensure compatibility with the new search requirements for the IEEE Xplore database and maintain the quality of the published work, we require you to submit your final manuscript in a pdf file compatible with IEEE Xplore by following the instructions in the email notice of acceptance sent to you.
Your completed manuscript for the Symposium Digest/CD-ROM must be received by 2 March 2010. Manuscripts received after this date can not be accepted and will not appear in the digest or CD-ROM.



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7 Jan, 2010

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2 March, 2010

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