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2010 IEEE RFIC Symposium

While submitting your paper to the RFIC conference, you should be aware of ITAR restrictions on publishable material, whether you work in the defense industry, in academia, or for a commercial enterprise.

All authors submitting material to the IEEE are expected to exercise due diligence and obtain all needed clearances for their works to be freely published in IEEE publications. Clearances should be obtained well in advance of the submission deadline. Authors who make changes to their manuscripts should also have the changes cleared in advance of the deadline. This applies to all authors. Additionally, ITAR restrictions apply to authors who:

  • are U.S. nationals (including green card holders);
  • work for a U.S.-based organization, regardless of where they are physically located; or,
  • work at a U.S. location of a non-U.S.-based organization.

Authors in these categories must ensure that ITAR compliance is satisfied for all papers submitted to the IEEE for publication.

Furthermore, the IEEE assumes that all authors involved in government contracts will meet their contractual obligations and that these obligations will, by definition, satisfy the requirements for ITAR compliance (see for instance a sample of IEEE ITAR form. This is consistent with the longstanding IEEE policy that all authors shall obtain the necessary approvals before publishing. Don't automatically assume that ITAR does not apply to you. As an example, ITAR covers certain types of A-to-D converters! Further information can be found in the IEEE website (http://www.ieee.org/, search for ITAR). Specific questions can be emailed out to itar@ieee.org



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7 Jan, 2010

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2, March, 2010

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2 March, 2010

RFIC 2010
23 - 25 May, 2010

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